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Glitch City Radio is a podcast magazine, which translates loosely to “lightly organized segments produced by different people.” That means the podcast is a little all over the place, but in a good way! After all, Glitch City is a vibrant collective made of many different kinds of people. Imagine Sesame Street, but for indie games in LA.

Glitch City Radio is hosted by Julian Kantor, Jamie Parreno, and Levi Rohr, with additional segment hosting by Laura Michet(for Live with Laura).

We record at our coworking space in Culver City, CA.


JULIAN KANTOR is a game developer, programmer, and podcaster working in LA. He previously hosted his own podcast, LEAD BLOCK, about football(and much more). Lead Block is excellent and critically acclaimed and we highly recommend it. Julian does ALL the sound engineering and editing for Glitch City Radio, writes all the theme songs, and is frequently found “editing things out.” He is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, a football team from Pennsylvania, USA.

PICTURED ABOVE: Levi wears a fashionable maroon sweater and Julian tells the microphone a secret
WHOMST: laura listens to her theme song that Julian expertly crafted. Brendon observes with an intimidating smile.

JAMIE JO PARRENO still can’t quite say her own name correctly, but is working on it. She somehow convinced Julian to do this podcast and doesn’t regret that decision most days of the week. She is a designer and comics artist, is working at an esports startup, and is also finishing her first graphic novel, BEAUTY QUEEN. Jamie handles episode release and scheduling for Glitch City Radio(or tries really hard to, anyway).

LEVI ROHR is co-owner and games director at SUNDAE MONTH, an indie studio based in Vermont but also partially out of LA, where Levi now lives. He hosts the segment THE STORY OF ICARUS, where guests come and share a moment of hubris from their past. Levi has never once listened to the podcast, is not subscribed, and has no idea what is in the exclusive content on Patreon, but is hopeful he’ll someday gain access.

LAURA MICHET is a fierce and noble games writer living in Los Angeles, who hosts the segment LIVE WITH LAURA. Laura is a serious pokemon go trainer, dare I say master, and works in the day time at Rito Games. She loves game jams and seaweed snacks.

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Glitch City Radio
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Glitch City Radio
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